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Error: Value Cannot Be Null


When trying to connect to your Business Central data source, you see this message:


and this error message:


Complete text of error message is:

Accounts could not be loaded.  The following error was reported:

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: type

An unexpected error has occurred:
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: type
System Argument Null Exception
at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Boolean nonPubIic)
at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type)
at Jet.DynamicWebServices DynamicNavWebService.a(AssembIy A_0. String A_1. String A_2)
at Jet.DynamicWebServices.DynamicNavWebService.a(String company, String codeunlt)
at Jet.DynamicWebServices.DynamicNavWebService.a(String A_0. String A_1. String A_2. Object[] A_3)
at Jet.DynamicWebServices.DynamicNavWebService.a(String A_0. String A_1. String A_2. Object[] A_3)
at Jet Data.Nav.NavWebServiceDataSource.a()
at Jet.Data.NAV.NavWebServiceDataSource.OpenCompany(String company)
at Jet.Data.Nav.NavWebServiceDataSource.OpenCompany()
at Jet.DataSourceSettings.ViewModels.NavWebServiceViewModeI.TestConnection(Stopwatch stopWatch)
at Jet.DataSourceSettings.ViewModels.NavWebServiceViewModeI.TestConnection(Window windowOwner)



Changes made by Microsoft to Business Central can affect how internal codeunits are named.


Resolution Process

  1. Log in to your Business Central account and search for Web Services.


  2. Find the Jet Data Source reference and remove it from the list


  3. Create a new Web Service for the Jet Data Source code unit and name it JetDataSource (no spaces)


  4. For the new JetDataSource codeunit, ensure that the box for PUBLISH is checked and that the box for ALL TENANTS is not checked.

    You are now done working in Business Central

  5. Open Windows File Explorer


  6. Ensure that Microsoft Excel is closed

  7. Navigate to the Jet Reports Settings folder: %Appdata%\Jet Reports



    and open the file Data Sources.xml for editing.


  8. Find the <setting> name WebServiceCodeUnit and change the <value> to JetDataSource





  9. Save the file. 

    You should now be able to restart Jet Reports Financials.

    Open Excel and verify that Jet Reports Financials can now properly connect to Business Central.

Every Jet Reports Financials user will need to edit their Data Sources.xml file

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