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Archive: 'Design Mode' vs 'Report Mode'

Note:  This article refers to versions of the Jet Excel add-in prior to version 2018 R2. 


When referring to Jet reports, what is the difference between "Design Mode" and "Report Mode".



Report Mode

When a report has been run (using either the Report button or the Refresh button) and the Report button is highlighted, the report is referred to as being in "Report Mode".

*Changes should not be made to a report while it is in Report Mode, as those changes will be lost as soon as the report is run.

Design Mode

When a report is being designed and the Design button is highlighted...

the report is referred to as being in "Design Mode".

Only licensed Designers have direct access to Design mode (that is, a reports that has been saved in Report Mode can only be switched to Design Mode by a licensed Designer).

Design Mode is used to create and make changes.  When the report is then run (and placed in to Report Mode), the results of those changes will be reflected.

While in Design Mode, Jet function results are optimized for speed and are not guaranteed to accurately reflect the results of all queries.  Use Report Mode to ensure you are viewing accurate data.


Note: when working with highly complex reports which Excel takes a long time to recalculate when first opening, it can be very beneficial to set cell A1 to AUTO+HIDE+VALUES and save the report in Report Mode.  More information can be found in the Knowledgebase article Introducing Report Viewers
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