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Diagnostic Run in the Jet Web Portal

It is possible for a report to experience an issue and result in an error.

When running a report in Microsoft Excel, one example of this is when a function displays #VALUE!

In this case, Jet Professional provides a message to help you understand the issue.


In the Jet Web Portal, you are informed of an issue when the Status of a report is shown as an exclamation point:


If you experience such an issue and are not able to successfully troubleshoot that issue using Jet Professional, you can provide a Diagnostic Run of the report to Jet Reports Technical Support.

To perform a Diagnostic Run, select the report with the error status, and click the Details button located at the bottom of the Portal.


At the bottom of the Details screen, click the Diagnostic Run button:


Click Run to allow the Diagnostic Run to continue:


Once the Diagnostic Run has completed, click the Download button:


Provide that file to Jet Reports Technical Support for further assistance.

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