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No Data showing in a Pivotier Express Plus Report

When running reports like many of the sales and purchase reports, no data shows when running the report. This is caused by failing to assign G/L Account Category codes to all posting accounts in the Chart of Accounts.

One of the major innovations to drive reporting accuracy and audit worthiness in Express Plus reports is achieved by sourcing amounts from the G/L Entry table versus the Customer Ledger or Vendor Ledger tables.

The reason for this is simple - the customer ledger provides customer invoice balances irrespective of whether line items in invoices are coded to revenue accounts. For example, maintenance is often coded to a deferred revenue account on the balance sheet and sales taxes are included in the customer ledger balance amount. Consequently using the Customer Ledger for sales and purchasing reports does not provide accurate reports which reconcile to a company's financial statements.

Solve this by assigning a G/L Account Category code to each posting account in the chart of accounts.

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