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Registering an iPad for dashboard access - Admin Guide

Note: This article refers to versions of Jet Enterprise and the Jet Administration Console (v.2017 and earlier) which support the Jet iPad application.  The Jet Web Portal has replaced the iPad app - which is no longer supported.


Registering an iPad to access your Jet Enterprise dashboards is a simple process that involves just a few steps by the system administrator and by the user of the iPad.



As the Jet Enterprise system administrator, the process for registering a new iPad begins with you.

Once a user has been defined in the Jet Administration Console (JAC), you can invite that user to register their iPad.  Start by selecting that user in the JAC


You can use the Invite to Jet Mobile button to have the JAC send the Jet Mobile invitation to the user.

(Or you can use the Copy Invite Email button to copy the information to the clipboard, and then paste that text in an email you create.)


The user can click the link to download the Jet Mobile iPad app from the App Store.

The Jet Mobile iPad app supports versions of iOS 5.1.1 and higher.

Once the user installs the iPad app, they will be able to access any dashboards to which they have been given permissions.

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