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Installing Friendly Table/Field Names in a Universal Data Source

Universal Databases (Not Great Plains)

Jet Reports provides the ability to use Friendly Names if you are using a Universal Connector. Often times the field and table names defined in your database are not as intuitive as you might wish. Friendly Names gives you the ability to define your own names for the fields and tables in your database and then use them in Jet Reports. In order to use this functionality you will need to add three tables to your database: JETFPG, JETTMAP, and JETFMAP and then configure your Jet Reports data source to use Friendly Names.

JETFPG holds the Friendly Name Group. Groups give you the ability to have multiple Friendly Names for a single table or field. This would be useful for translating your tables and fields into multiple languages.

JETFPG table definition

Type Integer VarChar
Primary Key Yes Yes
Description Number uniquely identifying the Friendly Name Group Name of Friendly Name Group

JETMAP maps the existing table name to a Friendly Name and Group

JETTMAP table definition

Type Integer VarChar VarChar
Primary Key Yes Yes No
Description Number uniquely identifying the Friendly Name Group Friendly Name of the Table Table Name as defined in the database (actual table name)

JETMAP maps the existing field name to the table it is on as well as the Friendly Name and Group

JETFMAP table definition

Type Integer VarChar VarChar VarChar
Primary Key yes Yes Yes No
Description Number uniquely identifying the Friendly Name Group Table name as defined in the database (actual table name) Friendly Field Name Field Name as defined in the database (actual field name)

Once these three tables have been added and populated with your desired Friendly Names you will be able to use either Friendly or Actuan names in your Jet Reports.

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