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Installing Jet Reports/Essentials

Jet can be downloaded as a compressed executable file from the download section of the Jet Reports Support site .
If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008R2, you must right-click on the setup executable and "Run As Administrator".  This must be done even if you are logged in as an administrator in order for the installation to run with elevated privileges.

Upgrading to version 2009 or Later from Prior Versions of Jet Reports

You can upgrade to Jet without uninstalling prior versions.  However, if you have upgraded without first uninstalling the prior version and you encounter any problems, simply repeat the process by uninstalling all versions of Jet Reports and then re-install the latest version.
This above section applies to Jet Reports and Jet Essentials version 2009 and higher.

Upgrading to version 7.x from Prior Versions of Jet Reports

If you are upgrading from Jet Reports 3.4.4 or later, you do not need to uninstall any prior version before installing the latest version. All of the options from your previous version of Jet will be used when you install the latest version and the installer will remove your old version before installing the new one.
If you are upgrading from versions prior to Jet Reports 3.4.4, you will have to uninstall the old version manually. First go into Excel and from the Tools/Add-Ins menu, remove the check mark next to Jet Reports. After you remove the check mark, close Excel. Use the Add/Remove icon on the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Jet Reports. Go back into Excel and if Jet Reports is still listed as an available Add-In, try to put back the check mark next to it. You should get a message that Jet Reports is not found and a question asking if you want to remove it from the list. Click yes. Jet Reports is now completely uninstalled and you can proceed with the installation of the new version.

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