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Adding a Report to a Sharepoint Document Library


Sharepoint is widely used by many organizations to act as a central repository for documents that are shared across users. It is possible to have reports be scheduled to run and automatically be emailed and uploaded into a particular Document Library on the Sharepoint server. This article will cover the steps necessary to enable this.


Configuring the Document Library in Sharepoint

In order to email reports to a Document Library in Sharepoint it is first necessary to ensure that the Document Library has been configured to receive incoming emails.

The process of configuring Sharepoint for specific needs is outside of the scope of our expertise at Jet Reports. Please contact your Sharepoint administrator for any issues encountered in this section.
Microsoft has provided documentation on how to configure the Document Library properly and this documentation can be viewed from the link below.

Enable and Configure E-Mail Settings for a Document Library

Creating a Scheduled Task in Jet Essentials to Email a Report to the Document Library

A detailed Knowledge Base article on scheduling reports to run automatically can be viewed at the link below.

How to Use the Jet Essentials Scheduler

On the Email tab, the checkbox should be selected to have the report emailed. The email address to be used should correspond with the email address that has been configured for the Document Library in Sharepoint (eg:

Once the task has been scheduled the report will run, email to the Document Library, and the report will then be visible in Sharepoint.

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