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Loading Pictures



The Jet NL("Picture") function loads an image from a BLOB field in Dynamics NAV or from a file. 

Examples of the NL(Picture) function

Retrieving an Image from a Dynamics NAV BLOB Field

To use a picture that is stored as a BLOB in Dynamics NAV, enter the Table, Field, and Filter parameters that will select the correct BLOB.  You can enter "Height=" and "Width=" in the filter fields with numbers in the corresponding filters to set the height and width of the picture.  If you do not enter sizing specifications, Excel will choose a default size for the picture.


Retrieving an Image from a File

To load an image (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) from a file, use an NL function with "Picture" in the What parameter, leave the Table parameter blank, and put the file name in the Field parameter.


Note:  Loading images from a file is not supported in the Jet Web Portal.
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