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Moving a Workbook

If you open a workbook on a computer that has Jet Professional installed in a different directory than on the computer where the workbook was created, a window may open with "File Not Found" as the title and JetReports.xlam  in the File name box. This window appears when you first open the workbook.

Click Cancel and Jet Reports will attempt to automatically update the link. If you see this box more than once, click Cancel each time the box appears.

Excel can usually update the links automatically, but if this does not work, you can update the link manually. From the Excel menu choose Edit/Links and then click Change Source. Choose JetReports.xlam from the JetReports installation directory, which is "C:\Program Files\JetReports" by default (or "C:\Program Files (x86)\JetReports" on 64-bit systems).

To avoid this problem, Jet Professional does not give the user a choice about where to install. Jet Professional will automatically be installed in the main program directory, which is almost always "C:\Program Files". However, some computers can have the main program directory on a different drive, so you may experience this problem.

If you are having trouble moving reports between computers, read the section entitled 'Sharing Reports with Excel Users Who Don't Have Jet Reports' in related article Introducing Report Viewers. You can use the same technique to transfer reports between Jet Professional users without getting the warning message from Excel. The report recipient can simply open the report and use it as they are accustomed.

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