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Automatic Column and Row Resizing

Some data values, such as customer names, are of variable length.  So when you load these values into a worksheet cell, you do not know how wide the column should be before you run the report. If the column is not wide enough to hold the data, Excel will either display ######## in the cell, or it will only show the section of data that will fit in the cell.

Jet Essentials can automatically format the column width or row height for the widest or tallest piece of data that you want to display. This operation is very similar to the manual process of using Excel's Autofit feature. The whole column will resize to fit the widest cell.

To do this with Jet Essentials, you can put the keyword "Fit" in row 1 of the column. For example, if you have a list of customer names in column C, you can put "Fit" in cell C1 to automatically resize the column for the longest customer name when the report is run. If you want to resize the height on a row, you can put "Fit" in Column A of that row.

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