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SQL Views


If you are using SQL Views, it is possible to access these views as if they are standard tables in your database.

Note: SQL Views cannot be used with Dynamics NAV data source as they only support Dynamics NAV table objects

You must keep in mind, however, that views do not contain a primary key so you must treat them as such. The best way to see how to do this is to drag and drop a field from the desired view in the Jet Browser. You will notice that the Field argument populates with an array of Field names, since the table does not contain a primary key. See the example below.


When an NL Function has an array in the Field parameter, it returns a value called a Field Cache into the cell. This is a text value that identifies all the field values and their data types. If you use the NF function with the cell address containing a Field Cache as the first argument and one of the field names contained in it as the second argument, the NF function will return the value of the field. Please see the section entitled Introducing the NF Function for more details.

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