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Grouping and Subtotaling Tutorial

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A simple example of a grouped list is customers grouped by country. Since customers are being listed, one good place to start is the Customers table. First, you want to list the customer detail, then you can worry about the grouping later. If you drag and drop the CompanyName, Country, and Phone fields from the Jet Browser, you will end up with something resembling the picture below.

If you run the report, we will get a complete list of customers. The next step is to group the customers by Country. The overall idea is that you want to list unique countries, then use that list as a series of filters for the existing NL that lists customers. To achieve this goal, select Values (instead of Records) in the Jet Browser, then drag and drop the Country field into the cell that is one row up and one column to the left of the existing NL command. In the picture above, the cell you should be dropping into is cell C3. If you run the report, you will get a list of country names, then a list of customers as shown below.

Note that the column headers of CompanyName, Country and Phone were all copied in the region of the NL command. The next step is to change the NL command listing countries in C3 from "Rows" to "Rows=2", which will nest the two NL commands as described above. Now when the report runs, Jet Reports will copy rows 3 and 4 for each country, including the customer list. Finally, you can add a filter to the NL listing customers to filter by the country cell as pictured below.

If you run this report, you will get a list of countries, then a list of customers under each country. For aesthetic purposes you can change the What argument in the NL formula in cell C3 from "Rows=2" to "Rows=3", which will give you one blank row between each country group.

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