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Compare one field against another field

This is supported on Navision Databases Only


If you want to compare the value in one field to the value in another field in the same record, you can use a "Calculated Field" within your Jet Reports formula.

For example;

You need a list of sales invoice numbers where the "Bill-to Customer No." is equal to the "Sell-to Customer No.".

=NL("Rows","Sales Invoice Header","No.","No.","=IF(NF(,""Bill-to Customer No."")=NF(,""Sell-to Customer No.""),NF(,""No.""))")

Another example would be to list all [Vendor Ledger Entry] records where the "Remaining Amt. (LCY)" is different than the "Amount (LCY)":

=NL("Rows","Vendor Ledger Entry",,"Remaining Amt. (LCY)","=""<>""&nf(,""Amount (LCY)"")")


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