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Conditional Replication

You cannot wrap an NL replicator (Rows, Columns, Sheets) function in an Excel IF() function.  Replicating functions must stand alone in a cell.

To make conditional replication work we simply place our IF() function in the "Table" argument of the replicator and return either the name of the table for which we want to replicate values or an array with one blank value. This means the replicator will either query a table and replicate its values or return a single blank.  

Ex: If we wish to list names from the customer table if cell B3=42 our function would look like this:



Note: If you put an array in the "Table" argument of a replicator it will replicate the values in the array.  So, NL("Rows",{1,2,3}) will return the values 1, 2, 3 in rows.

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