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Using the Report Builder


The Report Builder was a feature present in earlier versions of Jet Professional and Jet Essentials.  This feature is not available in Jet Professional 2018 or newer.

The Report Builder could create reports based on Jet Data Views.  Jet Data Views define table relationships, available fields, field captions, and table captions for a particular reporting area, such as sales, inventory, payroll, etc.  Jet Data Views can be created using the Data View Creator.


Help Topics

NAV Table Defs
NAV Data Views
Table Builder
Writing Reports

Before using the Report Builder with Dynamics NAV, you will want to import or create data views and categories. For detailed instructions on how to do this, view these videos:

How to use the Jet Report Builder Importing Date Views How to use the Data View Creator


A set of data views for Dynamics NAV can be found here.

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