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Jet Professional Upgrades

Upgrading only the Jet Excel add-in

Typically, upgrading an installation of Jet Professional is simply a matter of installing the latest version to replace any older version you might have.


Upgrading "Shared Settings"

If your organization uses the Jet Service Tier (or the "Centralized Settings" feature present in older versions of Jet Essentials), it may be necessary to upgrade the Service Tier and its database prior to upgrading users' installations of Jet Professional (check the KB article for the release notes for the specific version).

In general, the steps are:

  • Notify users that the shared settings will be temporarily unavailable
    • You may want to temporarily switch the users to a local copy of their datasource settings
  • Run the setup program for the Jet Configuration Service (part of the Jet Service Tier) which is included with the Jet Professional Installation Files
    • If there has been an major update to Service, it may no longer be compatible with an older version of Jet Essentials and the individuals users will need to be updated to the latest release before they will have access to the shared settings.
  • Upgrade the users to the new version of Jet Essentials.
    • Once upgraded, they will then be able to access the new service.



If you are using the Jet Service Tier and are upgrading to Jet Professional from a version of Jet Essentials *PRIOR TO* version 15.0.14329 (Jet Essentials 2015)...

ALL previously-installed Service Tier components (Jet Administration Console, Jet Dashboard Builder, Jet Web Service, Jet Service Tier)

must be MANUALLY UNINSTALLED (using the "Jet Setup.exe" file included with that specific release) before running the new installer.

See Uninstalling the Jet Service Tier


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