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Guidelines Regarding Support Versus Billable Work

What is Considered Technical Support?

At Jet Reports, it is important to us to relieve clients from technical concerns.  Hence we try our best to provide technical support to our clients in a timely manner and provide effective solutions.  In order for us to achieve this, we need a thorough description of the issue the client is experiencing and a screen shot of any errors that they may have experienced.

Jet Reports does not support macro enabled reports.  If a macro enabled report needs troubleshooting, all macros must be disabled by the client before requesting assistance.

There is a fine line between what is a support question versus what is a consulting question.  Some topics that are considered to be technical support issues are:

·         Questions about software compatibility and hardware requirements

·         Issues regarding Jet Report installation and configuration

·         Jet Report error messages

·         Jet Functions returning #VALUE errors


What is Considered a Billable Consultation?

Questions regarding report design are usually considered a billable consultation.   These are outside the scope of technical support as they are not related to the technical software issues but rather related to training and consulting.  Jet Reports will exercise discretion when a support ticket is received and notify the client if a billable service is requested and await client approval before resolving the issue.  Inquiries that Jet Reports can resolve quickly will not generally be considered billable.  Some topics that are considered to be a billable consultation are:

·         Questions on how to design a report

·         Questions about where to find data

·         Questions about Excel functionality

If you are unsure if your inquiry is a technical issue or a billable consultation, we still encourage you to submit a support ticket.  Furthermore, you may also consider posting your question in the Jet Reports Community Site where end users who are passionate about Jet Reports are sharing reports, ideas, and talking about Jet Reports.  You must register for a login to the Jet Reports Community by clicking on the "Sign In" link at the top of the page to join.

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