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Office 365 with Jet Professional

Using Jet Professional with Office 365

Jet Professional includes an online interface that provides an easily-to-use repository for your organization’s reports.

Using the Jet Web Portal and Office 365 Online, you can allow anyone – whether they have Excel and the Jet add-in installed or not – to run and view reports directly from their web browser.

Editions of Office 365

There are a variety of Microsoft Office 365 business plans which give you the familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of "cloud" applications.

All Office 365 business plans support the use of Office Web Apps which allow you to create and edit your Office documents through your web browser.


Desktop Versions and Jet Professional

Many Office 365 plans include the latest Desktop version of Office, and some plans work with earlier Desktop versions of Office 2010 and 2007.

The Desktop versions of Office 365 can take advantage of Jet Professional's capabilities - including Jet Professional's ability to publish reports to the Jet Web Portal - giving your installation of Office 365 the power of Jet reporting from your desktop.  The reports created can then be shared with and viewed by those u sers who have either the Desktop or Web App version of Excel (and even refreshed by those with the Desktop version or using the Web Interface).

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