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Configuring Jet Professional or Essentials for Dynamics NAV 2013 (or higher)


There are three methods of using the Jet Excel add-in to report from a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (or higher) database.

Which method you use would depend on a few factors:


SQL Server Connector


  • you have direct access to NAV's SQL server   AND...
  • the SQL server resides on the same network domain as your installation of Jet Professional)   AND...
  • your installation of NAV uses:
    • Windows Authentication  OR...
    • NAV User/Password Authentication (requires Jet Professional)

Version 14.1 and higher of the Jet Excel add-in can usually communicate directly with NAV's SQL database.

Please refer to the Configuration article for information on how to proceed.


Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS) Connector

If your Dynamics NAV system resides on a different network domain than does your installation of Microsoft Excel...

If you have direct access to NAV's SQL server and your installation of NAV uses Windows Authentication, Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1 (v:15.1) and higher can usually communicate directly with NAV's SQL database.


System Administrators will want to see the JRDS Admin Guide for information about how to configure the service.

Once a Jet Remote Data Service is set-up, Jet Professional/Essentials users will want to refer to the User Configuration article for information about how to use the JRDS.

Web Services Connector

Finally, you can also access your NAV 2013 (and higher) data by using NAV's Web Services to handle the communications.

See the article on installing the Jet Reports Business Objects for NAV for details.

Please note that these connection methods apply to Dynamics NAV 2013 and higher.  If you are using Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or earlier, you'll want to refer to the article on Setting up an NAV Data Source for older versions of NAV .

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