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Introducing the GL Function

NAV Cronus Examples



  • you can filter on the two Global Dimensions for G/L Balances or
  • if using a NAV Analysis View, you can filter on up to 4 dimensions that are tied to that View


Please note that some NAV verticals that allow more than 2 Global Dimensions may not be compatible with the GL function.

GP Fabrikam Examples

To retrieve the balance of G/L account 000-1100-00, you would type the following:


If you wanted to know the net change of account 000-1100-00 for the 1st quarter of 2002, you could type the following:


With GP, you can filter on the account number as a whole or you can filter on the individual segments of the account number. So you could also create the last GL function to find the 2002 1st quarter net change for account 000-1100-00 like the following:


Note that while some numbers such as 2002 and the start period and end period do not need quotes, "000" and "00" must be quoted so that Excel does not interpret them as numbers and change them to single zeros.

The GL function is not available in Jet Reports Universal.

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