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The Report Wizard


You can easily create an entire report from a single table in your database using the Report Wizard, accessible from the Report Wizard button on the Jet Professional ribbon.


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Report Builder
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Writing Reports

The first step is to select the table and data source. You have the option of using your default data source, which will not explicitly define a data source in your functions, or selecting a data source.

Clicking the arrow will display a pull-down list.  By default, the Report Wizard will show all the tables and fields in your database.  If you have set up favorite tables and/or fields, you can select to see only those.

On the next screen, you can select fields which you want in your report and use the up and down arrows to put them in the desired order they will appear on the report.

The next screen allows you to Group (subtotal) your data by a specific field you selected.

The next screen allows you to sort your data by a field or fields in ascending or descending order.

If you have numeric fields in your report, the next screen allows you to create totals for these fields.

The next screen allows you to set filters. Note that if you check the Set at Report runtime box below the filter, this filter will be added to the Options sheet the wizard creates for you.

Notice that after you select a field, you can click the arrow next to the Value to get a Lookup window in which to build your filter. See the topic Introducing Filter Lookup for more information on this window.

Finally, you are given the options to prepare report for Viewers, add basic Excel formatting, and to use Excel's data grouping feature. Click finish at this point to create your report.

Note that the report is created in an entirely new Excel workbook so it does not overwrite any existing worksheets in currently open workbooks.

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