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Import the NAV Adapter for NAV 2013 and Later (Deprecated)

Note: This functionality has been deprecated as of the release of Jet Data Manager 2014 SR2 (JDM versions 14.5.x and later). Importing NAV objects is no longer required for NAV 2013 and later and the Adapterless setup can be used instead. More details of this are explained in the KB article here: Using the Adapterless Setup for NAV 2013 and Later with Jet Enterprise


The NAV Adapter allows the Jet Data Manager to read in required objects used by the Jet Data Manager that pertain to the metadata that is stored in NAV. The NAV Adapter must be imported and executed in order for the Jet Data Manager to properly synchronize with the NAV database.


Download the NAV Adapter Objects

The NAV Adapter objects for NAV 2013 must first be downloaded from the Jet Reports website. The objects can be found in the ZIP file under "Download Jet Enterprise" here:

Jet Enterprise Welcome Page

Once the objects have been downloaded they should be extracted to the desktop. There will be two files that are extracted:

NAVAdapterObjects 12.50.fob

This file contains the actual NAV objects to be imported into NAV 2013.


This file contains a standard NAV 2013 object set that will imported when the NAV Adapter is executed. In addition to these objects the JDM NAV Adapter will also import any customizations that exist in the source database as well.

Import the NAV Adapter Objects into NAV 2013

Importing the NAV Adapter objects must be done in the NAV 2013 Development Environment.

  • Access the Object Designer by going to Tools → Object Designer
  • Access the Import menu by going to File → Import
  • Select the "NAVAdapterObjects 12.50.fob" file and click Open

A screen should appear stating that "All objects have been examined, and no conflicts were found." Click Yes .

If the Import box states that conflicts were found click Cancel to cancel the import. This implies that there are already objects that exist in the range that will be imported. Contact your Jet dealer for further assistance.
A screen will appear showing that the objects were successfully imported. Click OK.

Executing the NAV Adapter Objects

In the Object Designer, click the "Report" tab and click on the report titled "Jet Adapter Setup". Click the Run button. This will open the report in the NAV 2013 RTC.

In the File Name selection box point to the AdapterSetupNAV2013.txt file that was contained in the initial download. Click OK .

A window may appear stating that "The Microsoft Dynamics NAV client needs permissions to run System.IO.File - an external component." Select Allow for this client session and click OK .

A progress window will appear notifying you of the current process.

When the process has finished a window will appear that reads"Update complete." Click OK .

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