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Add Microsoft CRM Online Adapters


The Jet Data Manager fully supports integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Using the Jet Data Manager, users have the ability to connect to their Microsoft hosted CRM environment and extract their data locally for analysis.


Add the CRM Online Adapter

1. From the Data tab, navigate to Data Sources, right click Adapter Data Sources and select Add Dynamics CRM Adapter .

2. Perform the following:

  • Assign a name for your adapter
  • Enter your Server Address. This will generally need to be the full path to the CRM Discovery Service for your region. A list of these paths is provided by Microsoft here: Discover the URL For Your Organization
  • Select the CRM Online Organization Number. This will normally be 0 (zero).
  • Enter the User Name and Password. This is the User Name and Password used to log on to CRM Online.
  • Use Office 365 Authentication: This will use Office 365 authentication to connect. This is applicable to most CRM installations now, however the box may need to be unchecked for some legacy installations.
  • Optional: Select Active Records Only to ignore inactive records in your CRM environment.

3. From Data Sources navigate to your newly added adapter, right click the adapter, and select Read Objects from Data Source .

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