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The license files do not match. Please contact your system administrator.

This error occurs when uploading the customer's Pivotier license file in Pivotier Setup.

Prior to version 1.50, Pivotier checked for the following:

The Microsoft License Number from the customer's flf file

The Company Name shown on the first line in the Microsoft License file.

The company name from the Microsoft license file needed to match the name submitted for Pivotier licensing. This name is used to name the plf file sent to the customer - the file used to upoload in Pivotier Setup (e.g. "ABC_Company.plf").  The best way to help us resolve this is to send us the customer's flf file and we then generate the Pivotier license file from their file.

NOTE: In version 1.5 Pivotier no longer checks the company name to reduce the number of issues encountered.

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