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How to use rows and groups in ad-hoc reporting

To create an ad-hoc report with appropriately presented information, the user should work from the highest levels of paging (separating data elements onto individual pages) through groupings of information (subtotals) and finally sorting data functions.

The ad-hoc reporting window is used to define paging, sorting and grouping criteria for a report. From NAV, go to your Pivotier folder, Pivotier BIZ to Ad-Hoc Reports. The ad-hoc window opens. Press F3 to create a new report. You will then select the Query Code from which your report will be generated.


The key area to focus on in generating your sorts is located below the table portion of the ad-hoc report card. In this area you will see four elements that will use the table elements to generate the report you want to see. These elements are (1) Page, Sort and Group, (2) Hide Detail, (3) Show [+] and (4) Grand Total.

In the window that opens from the PAGE, SORT AND GROUP field, select all the fields in the NAME column to define the order in which data will be sorted/paged in your report. The first field selected is the highest level of sort/page, and each subsequent field will be sorted within the field immediately preceding it. The SORT column is used to define Ascending or Descending for the field.

Once you have defined the sorting/paging criteria, you may then elect to define group HEADER and FOOTER breaks on your report. These two columns are also seen in the Pages, Sorts and Groups pop-up window.

The HEADER field will make the report create a header row on the final presentation before the data for the report element selected here. The FOOTER field will create a row below the data (i.e. a classic "sub-total" row). In the PAGES cell, these options will generate first and last rows for each page.

Header and Footer fields allow the following options:

  • VALUE - the header or footer row will only contain a data label for the value of the field being grouped.
  • TOTALS - the header or footer row will contain a data label as well as the result of all function definitions made on the Ad-Hoc Report Card. The most likely function defined will be the SUM function, which generates a sub-total for an amount field in the header or footer row.

Check the SHOW DETAILS cell if you want the data to be shown on ALL rows when the HIDE DETAIL option (on the Ad-Hoc Report Card) is used. For example, you would not want your group sort value to be repeated on each row, while you may want a secondary sort (e.g. a numeric value) to be displayed always.

Check NEW PAGE if you want a page break for a given element.

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