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Error: The Jet activation token is corrupt

Note: this article refers to Jet Professional and Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1



When starting Excel, you get an error stating "The Jet activation token is corrupt.  Please reactivate your Jet license."



There is an issue with the file that keeps track of your Jet licensing information.  You will need to reactivate Jet Professional using the following steps:

First of all, we recommend that you update your installation to the latest release of Jet Professional

Completely close any Excel or Jet Dashboard Builder windows
Using Windows Task Manager, ensure that no EXCEL.EXE or Jet.DashboardBuilder processes are running

Re-start Excel (if you receive an error, press 'OK')
If you are prompted to reactivate your license, follow the prompts.

Otherwise...  From the Jet ribbon, click on 'Help' and select 'Activate Jet License' and then select "Actviate Online (recommended)'.

Your installation of Jet Professional should now be ready to use.


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