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Warning Message - Excel is Currently in Compatibility Mode

Warning Message - Excel is Currently in Compatibility Mode

This article applies Jet Reports 2009 and higher


Running Excel in "Compatibility Mode" may cause strange behaviors in Jet reports.  Errors are usually inconsistent and hard to reproduce.  Examples of issues caused by Compatibility Mode include:

  • Excel hangs when running or opening reports
  • Reports cannot be run from Report mode
  • Reports run slowly
  • Sheets don't replicate correctly
  • More than 65000 rows cannot be replicated
  • etc...

Because of these problems, we have updated Jet with the following warning message that appears when running a report with Excel in Compatibility Mode.

To prevent this warning message from appearing each time you run a report, please make sure that Excel is no longer running in Compatibility Mode.  To exit Compatibility mode do all of the following:

  • Ensure that the workbook is saved in the standard Excel format (.xlsx)
  • Ensure that the default save format is configured for the standard Excel format (.xlsx) by going to:
    • Office 2007: Office Button > Excel Options > Save, and change the Save files in this format: to Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)
    • Newer version of Office: File > Options > Save, and change the Save files in this format to Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)
  • Ensure that there is not a network policy applied to Excel setting the default save format to .xls.  You may need to ask your IT professional about this.
  • Restart Excel

If you need to share reports with users of Excel 2003, these users can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Excel 2007 File Formats which will allow them to open .xlsx files.  The compatilbility pack can be downloaded from Microsoft here .

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