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You are not licensed to Design Reports...



Complete text of error message is:

You are not licensed to Design reports. If you are a licensed Report Viewer, please tell your Report Designer that "Auto+Hide+Values" or "Auto+Hide+Lock" must be in cell A1 of at least one worksheet of this report the report must be saved in Report mode.



This error message is caused by not having a "+Values" or "+Lock" in cell A1 of at least one worksheet of a workbook containing Jet formulas (NL,NP,GL,NF).  Please see Introducing Report Viewers for additional information on preparing reports for Viewers.


 A report Designer must follow these steps to prepare a report for a report Viewer to utilize.

  1. Open the report and place it in Design Mode.
  2. In cell A1 of any single sheet of the report add +Values or +Lock (+Lock will also lock that specific sheet when the report is refreshed) to make the cell contents Auto+Hide+Values or Auto+Hide+Lock.
  3. Refresh the report.
  4. Save the report in Report Mode.
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