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How to Connect to OLAP Cubes Over the Internet


There are particular cases in which an organization will want users not currently on the same network as the SQL Services Analysis Services database to be able to connect to their Jet Enterprise cubes. Some examples of this include remote employees or employees in satellite offices that are not constantly attached to the corporate network. Enabling a VPN connection will typically resolve this but in some cases this is not desirable.

In these cases, Microsoft Internet Information Services can be configured to provide access to SQL Server Analysis Services.




IIS must reside on the same server as SQL Server Analysis Services and the Jet Enterprise OLAP database.

Once a secure connection has been enabled between IIS and the OLAP database , Jet Essentials can be configured to utilize that connection.



First, you will need to create an Essentials "Cube" data source:


Once the "General" tab is displayed...

Move to the "Connection" tab...

Enter in the 'Fully Qualified Domain Name' as was specified when the secure connection was created in IIS. Be sure to include the HTTPS prefix to identify this server name as a valid Internet URL.

If you are an Essentials user, you may need to get this information from your system administrator.


For now, leave the Database field blank


Next, move to the "Authentication" tab...

Select "Windows authentication (Other user)" and then provide the full domain name and the credentials that have been established for you on that domain (again, you may need to get this information from your system administrator).

Please note that the HTTPS prefix is *not* used here.


Next, return to the 'Connection' tab...

Use the pulldown arrow in the Database field and select the OLAP database which contains your Jet Enterprise Cubes.

Once you click the OK button, your data source should now be ready for use by Jet Essentials.

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