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Transferring Scheduled Reports to Another Computer


At times is might be necessary to transfer scheduled tasks from one computer to another.

Typically, this is a fairly easy process.


The scheduled tasks are stored in the Windows Task Scheduler and this transfer process involves three distinct steps:

If the reports are stored on the original computer, they must be copied to the new computer.

Since the scheduled task stores the location of the files, the files must be placed in to the exact same folder structure on the new computer as they were on the original computer.

The task files (.JOB files) must be copied from the C:\Windows\Tasks folder on the original computer to the C:\Windows\Tasks folder on the new computer.

Finally, it will be necessary to use the Windows Task Scheduler (doing this may require Administrative privileges).

to open and re-save each of the tasks.

Be sure that the "Configure for" field is set as shown below.

Click the OK button to save the task.

Once all tasks have been saved using the Windows Task Scheduler, the tasks should be visible in the Jet Scheduler.

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