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How to specify the version of C/Front Jet Professional will use


When using Jet Professional  with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or earlier, it is important to use a version of C/Front that is compatible with your NAV executables version.  In many cases Jet can automatically choose the best version of C/Front to use with your version of NAV.  However, Microsoft often releases hotfixes or updates of the NAV executables and Jet may not be able to choose a compatible version of C/Front in this case.


Jet Professional and Jet Essentials 2011 and higher

From the Data Source Setting window, go to the Advanced tab and enter the path to C/Front in the "C/Front folder" setting.


Jet Reports 2009 (version 9.2) though Jet Reports 2010 R2

Jet Reports selects the version of C/Front to use in this order:
1)  Checks the Data Sources.xml file (located in %AppData%\Jet Reports) for a specific C/Front directory.
2)  Checks the installed version of C/Front.  If that version has the same major version as the NAV executables Jet will use the installed version.
3)  If no C/Front directory is specified in the Data Sources.xml and the there is no version of C/Front installed or the installed version is incompatible with the NAV executables then Jet Professional will attempt to choose the best match from the versions of C/Front in the c:\program files\jetreports\jetfront folder.

To specify a particular version of C/Front to use:
1)  Type %AppData%\Jet Reports in Windows Explorer.
2)  Open the Data Sources.xml file.
3)  Find the data source to change by searching for <dataSource name="data source name to search for".
4)  Within this node there is an element called <setting name="CFrontDirectory".
5)  Change the CFrontDirectory element's value to the directory containing the desired cfront.dll and cfrontsql.dll files.
a)  Initially the element will look like this:
<setting name="CFrontDirectory" type="String" encrypted="false">
<value />
b)  To specify the C/Front directory as "C:\Program Files\CFront"  change it to this:
<setting name="CFrontDirectory" type="String" encrypted="false">
<value>C:\Program Files\CFront</value>
6)  Save and close the Data Sources.xml file.

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