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Grouping and Subtotaling

Since you can create a dynamic list using an NL function, the next logical step is to group the items in the list. The mechanism for grouping is nested NL functions.

Help Topics

Grouping Tutorial
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Nesting NL functions

When one NL is inside the region of another, the NL functions are nested. The outer NL function lists the grouping criteria, and then the inner NL can use the results of the outer NL as a filter.

When you select report mode, the outer NL will evaluate first, inserting copies of its region for each record and filling in its data values.

Once the outer NL has expanded, the inner NL will expand, making copies of its own region for each of the outer NLs.

Jet Professional evaluates the NL functions from left to right, and top to bottom so if you have put one NL function that acts on rows in cell D4, and one that acts on columns in cell B5, Jet Professional will evaluate cell B5 first.

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