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Conditionally Hiding Rows, Columns or Sheets

To conditionally hide a row, put "Hide+?" in cell B1, and use a formula to return "Hide" in Column B of any row that you want hidden. Please note that this will only work in column B.

You can conditionally hide a column by entering "Hide+?" in cell A2, and using a formula to return "Hide" in row 2 of the columns you want hidden. As with conditional hiding of rows, this will only work in row 2.

Similarly, with "Hide+?" in cell A2 you can place a formula in cell B2 that conditionally returns "HideSheet" in order to hide the entire worksheet. Formulas that conditionally hide rows, columns, or sheets are typically IF formulas, such as the following.


In the following example, rows are hidden which have 0 in column C.

When this report is run by selecting Jet/Report, it looks like the following.

Notice that rows 3, 5 and 7 are hidden because they have 0's in column C and thus the word "Hide" in column B.

The "Show" keyword is not entirely necessary.  You could accomplish the same result with the function =IF(C4=0,"Hide","").  However, using the "Show" keyword does make it easier for you to recognize what is happening when you examine those cells.

Note: it is not possible for the conditional formula to include Viewer Stored Data
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