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Setting up a Dynamics NAV data source



Jet Professional can connect to your Dynamics NAV data in a variety of ways - depending upon the version and type of NAV configuration your organization uses.

Listed below are some helpful links - in the form of Knowledgebase articles and videos - to help you access your NAV data.


Do you need help connecting Jet Professional to your NAV database?


What version of NAV
do you use?




NAV 2013
(or higher)

Connecting Directly through SQL Server

(recommended method for NAV 2013 and higher)


Connecting to a Jet Remote Data Service

recommended method for when NAV 2013 or higher exists on a separate network than does Excel)

Connecting through NAV's Web Services

This is a great choice if your NAV installation does not match the
Requirements for connecting directly through SQL Server


NAV 4.0sp1


NAV 2009R2

Start with our article about...

Setting up a NAV Data Source (for NAV 2009 R2 and earlier)

or check out our Videos that take you through the process, step-by-step






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