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Server-based Activation

The information in this article applies to Jet Professional and Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1


Server-based Activation allows Jet Professional to operate in environments where it was previously challenging for the user.


Without Server-Based Activation

Jet Professional or Jet Essentials 2013 and higher must be activated before it can be utilized by the Excel user.

The user utilizes the Activation feature of Jet Professional to send an activation code to Jet Reports.  Jet Reports then sends back the licensing authorization so that Jet Professional can operate.

Typically, this has required that the workstation with Jet Professional have access to the internet so that Jet Professional can communication with Jet Reports.

Server-Based Activation

A server running the Jet Service Tier can communicate with Jet Reports at any time via its Internet connection.

When Excel is started, Jet Professional will contact the server, the server can then easily obtain the correct licensing information which it then sends back to Jet Professional.

This can be configured in Jet Professional at install time using the command-line installation settings .

Jet Professional is quickly and automatically activated with no user interaction required.

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