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All Users

The appropriate Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed (2.0 for Jet 2009, 4.0 for Jet 2010). This can be downloaded and installed via Microsoft Windows Update. If you don't have it installed, the Jet Reports installer will install it for you.

Great Plains and Universal Users

Before you can use Jet Reports with a Universal Connector, you must have the following software installed.

  • Excel 2000 with the latest service packs or later.

  • Windows 2000 or later if you intend to run AutoPilot.

  • The OLE or ODBC software for your database. Jet Reports will run faster using OLE drivers than ODBC drivers so we recommend that you search for an OLE driver even if you already have an ODBC driver installed. For database installations that use MS SQL Server (including Great Plains), your computer already has an OLE driver for MS SQL Server avaliable.

  • If you want to use Friendly Names or Jet Views in Great Plains, someone with database administrator privileges should run the "JetGPUpdate.exe" program located by default in the C:\Program Files\JetReports\Great Plains folder.

Review Great Plains Security

To use Jet Reports with Great Plains, a user needs a login to the Great Plains database server with read permissions for both the company database(s) and the DYNAMICS database. Great Plains can be configured in a number of different ways. In some cases, a user's login to the Great Plains application may also be a valid login to the database server. In other cases, the application login may map to an entirely different database login or to a Windows login. Any Great Plains user who needs to use Jet Reports will need to be given a login or have permissions assigned to their Windows login for their GP database server that includes read information for both the company database(s) and the DYNAMICS database.

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