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The Jet Function Wizard (Jfx)

Jet functions can be easily inserted with the Jet Function wizard (Jfx), accessible from the Jet ribbon.


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NL Function
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In Jet Professional, the Jfx offers the ability to add all four Jet Functions (NL, GL, NF, and NP).  In Jet Express, you can use the Jfx to add a GL or any NL function related to the NL(Table) function to your report.

Once you click on one of the mini buttons of the Jfx, the Jfx window defaults to that particular function (you can change this if you wish)...


... and you are presented with the list of parameters for the function you chose (e.g., What, Table, and Field)

Notice that clicking the arrow next to the What parameter will give you a list of possible arguments for that parameter.

When you click the arrow next to the Table parameter you will get a Lookup window with a list of tables in your database.

Similarly, clicking the arrow next to the Field parameters will give you a lookup window with a list of the fields in that table.


Under the Filters section, clicking the arrow next to the FilterFeld parameters will also give you a lookup window with a list of the fields in that table, and clicking the arrow next to the Filter parameter will give you a filter lookup window showing the unique contents of that field in your database.


To reference a cell for the FilterField parameter:  With the cursor in the FilterField parameter, click on the appropriate cell in your worksheet.


Notice that when you click the Evaluate button at the top of the Jfx window, you will get an approximate result for your function.

This approximate result is the same as the result you will see in Design mode before you run your report and may not be accurate (always use the Report or Refresh buttons to ensure accuracy).

For more information about the Jet User Interface, see either the Jet Professional User Interface or the Jet Express User Interface.


When you click OK, your function will be inserted into the active cell on your worksheet.

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