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Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1

Jet Reports is pleased to announce the release of Jet Essentials 2015 Update 1

This important update to Jet Essentials provides many new features partners and system administrators have been asking for:

  • Support for multi-tenancy with NAV 2013 through 2015
  • A three-tier architecture for the NAV SQL Connector
  • Tighter consolidation between Jet Essentials and the Jet Configuration Service – including automatic server-based license activation
  • A simplified Jet ribbon
  • Jet Essentials now support "Jet Express Mode" – providing an easier demo environment for partners and users
  • Jet Express can now be upgrade to Jet Essentials by simply obtaining a Jet Essentials activation code from your Jet Reports representative

Using Jet Essentials with NAV in a hosted environment just got better!  You can now use Jet Essentials in NAV 2013 and NAV 2015 multi-tenant environments, and the new three-tier architecture provides tremendous speed improvements over the traditional Web Services data source connection.

For administrators, adding Jet Essentials users is now easier than ever before.  You can configure Jet Essentials to automatically activate and connect your users to your business databases.  Server-based activation can automatically activate each user’s installation – even if the user does not have internet access – eliminating the need for manual activation.

Users will appreciate the ability to control which buttons they see on the Jet ribbon – allowing them to focus on the tools they use most.

By combining Jet Express with Jet Essentials, upgrading to Jet Essentials is a simple matter of entering an activation code – there’s no need to go through a whole new installation process.  Demonstrations of both products (or confirming that a report is compatible with Jet Express) can now be done from a single install.

Read more – to find out what’s new in Jet Enterprise, Jet Essentials, and Jet Express.


If upgrading to any version 15.0.14329 or higher from a version *PRIOR TO* version 15.0.14329...

ALL previously-installed Service Tier components (Jet Administration Console, Jet Dashboard Builder, Jet Web Service, Jet Service Tier)

must be MANUALLY UNINSTALLED (using the "Jet Setup.exe" file included with that specific release) before running the new installer.

See Uninstalling the Jet Service Tier

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