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Error: Show Details cannot be executed when multiple items are selected in a report filter field or in a slicer


When attempting to drill-down on a measure you may receive the following message:

"Show Details cannot be executed when multiple items are selected in a report filter field or in a slicer. Select a single item for each field in the report filter area and for each slicer connected to this PivotTable before performing a drill through."


Microsoft Analysis Services does not support the drill-down feature if multiple filter items are selected in the filter field.

This error occurs when you have a dimension level or hierarchy in the filter section of the pivot table which is filtering on multiple items.

For example: Let's say we want to filter on dates to only show data in 2013 and 2014. Notice how the filter condition is checked to Select Multiple Items. When multiple items are selected you lose the ability to drill-down on individual metrics.To resolve you must either:

  1. Select a single item (for example, 2014)
  2. Select all items (deselect the box)

The reasoning behind the error message requires knowledge of what happens on the back end. When you perform a drill-down action, a query is sent to Analysis Services. This query is expressed in a query language called Multi-Dimensional Expressions (MDX). Since the MDX language does not support a drill-through command against a "Set" (a collection of tuples) an error is persisted. At this time there is no workaround as it is a limitation of the underlying language that is generating the query.

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