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How to Add a Default Execution Package to a Jet Enterprise Project


In JDM 2014 SR1 we introduced Managed Execution where the JDM will decide the execution order of the individual objects while respecting the implicit and explicit dependencies between objects. However, when you did a manual execution of the project by clicking the Manual Deployment and Execution button or by running a full deploy and execute from the project tree the JDM would use the old sequential one-threaded execution.

With this new feature the JDM will use a default execution package which allows the user to select the number of threads, priority order etc. The package will be dynamically generated based on where the user selects to execute it – i.e. the entire project, data warehouse, business unit or single object.

When a new project is created, a default execution package named "Default" is added to the project.


The user can make an execution package the default execution package by right clicking on the package and selecting Set as Default Execution Package . It is recommended that the Selected Steps window remain blank. The user can then specify the Managed Execution mode to use as well as the number of Max. Threads . If steps are added to the Selected Steps window then these will always be executed along with the dynamically added steps.

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