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Jet Data Manager Change Log

Jet Data Manager 17.12

New Features

Improved Features

  • More options for customization and content for the auto-generated project documentation. 
  • Data selection rules are defined on the source table level
  • Better integration of the execution queue with the regular deploy/execute flow

Jet Data Manager 17.5

New Features

Improved Features

Jet Data Manager 17.1.10

New Features

  • The new JDM Simple Mode is a optimized for speed when staging data on a one-to-one basis from the data source.
  • Selecting all tables from a data source for including in the staging database is now a one-click operation, and a wizard is now available for selecting table and fields from the data source.
  • Data Selection templates allow you to apply the same settings to multiple projects.
  • With the new Incremental Load Wizard, you can easily setup up incremental load for any number of tables.
  • "Raw-Only" fields can now be defined in a staging database to allow you to define fields which may be used for calculations or data cleansing but do not need to be displayed to the end users for reporting.
  • The JDM now includes a Data Type Override to help consolidate diffuse data source data types into your MS SQL data warehouse.

Improved Features


Jet Data Manager 16.10.4

Minor Fixes / Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic Project Variable resolution error
  • Query table: CommandTimeout is not updated correctly in SSIS package
  • Junk dimension dialog issues
  • Remove unused sections from documentation feature and include external SQL Connections
  • Project perspectives: Program terminated due to missing check if table is of type view or table
  • Possible protected project corruption
  • Resolve issue with Remote Environment Deploy Full with Managed Execution

Jet Data Manager 16.10.3

Minor Fixes / Bug Fixes

  • Cannot deploy and execute OLAP Server with offline processing when having OLAP roles on the database.
  • Conditional lookup can use itself as join when using table relations.
  • Custom table insert: Unable to add unless two tables are present.
  • Execution package: Wrong cast can be made under certain circumstances.
  • Security roles: Unable to deploy role after deleting a fields from a table included in a security role.
  • Table insert: Command timeout not set on BulkCopy.

Jet Data Manager 16.10.1

New Features

  • The new Differential Deployment is a more efficient way of only deploying the parts of your project that are required.
  • The Deployment Status Report is an export file that contains a list of what needs to be deployed.
  • The new Managed Deployment helps to manage dependencies for the user.
  • Now the Data Export allows you to push the content of a data warehouse to another database.
  • The new Dynamic Project Variables is a kind of project variable where the value of the variable is generated by a custom script written by the user.
  • New Custom Table Inserts give the user the ability to write their own table inserts.
  • Users can now Guard Data Sources which prevents tables that get their data from the data source from being deployed, executed or both.
  • You can now show the Data Types on Fields in the project tree.
  • You can now create relations between the system fields added by JDM and other system fields or regular fields.

Improved Features

  • In order to accommodate the new deployment features the Deploy/execute Workflow has been redesigned.
  • New support for SQL and Oracle data sources and the Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX adapters.
  • Users can now limit access to certain functionality to Active Directory (AD) groups using Environment Security.
  • Column Permissions is an improvement to the object level security feature by adding a new level of granularity.
  • Incremental Cube Load Improvements
  • Faster Setup of History Tables
  • Easier to Choose Tables for Full Load
  • Improved Performance with Batch Data Cleansing allows users to choose to split the INSERT statement up in batches during data cleansing.
  • Better Performance when Full Loading Incremental Tables
  • Related Tables Included in Dynamic Perspectives
  • Execution Package Setup is now Logged

Minor Fixes / Bug Fixes

  • Ftp task: JDM crashing when trying to delete a FTP task
  • Invalid table settings: Empty tables right after execution
  • DateTable: FiscalYear is advanced 1 year ahead of normal year
  • JDM Environment Error dialog spelling mistake
  • Resume Execution Issues
  • Relations added by constraint suggestions is added twice and in wrong location
  • Executing an external business unit error message missing
  • Remote Security Controller Optimization - Added resolve cache
  • Step null reference logging errors
  • Impact analysis on field not showing impact with usage in conditions
  • UI update error when drag-dropping a transformation from one field to another
  • Change to User Rights prompt user several times about save/close
  • Cubes incremental loading issue
  • Wrong Editable Name for Adapter fields in Business Unit
  • Deploy/Execute Completed node color
  • Staging DW_Id cannot be mapped to DWH DW_Id from Data Movement Pane
  • Differential deployment additional NAV datasources
  • Join Condition Treating NVARCHAR as INT
  • Excel data field edit dialog looks strange
  • External business unit and "postfix valid tables" setting error
  • Executing external business unit errors
  • OLAP KPIs can have empty names and names already in use
  • Checkpoints working incorrectly
  • Aggregate Table: Doesn't update datatype if changed due to synchronization
  • Tooltips disappear too soon
  • Wrong display of time in deploy/execute dialog.
  • External business unit with pre/post script managed execution
  • Concatenate table support: Qualifying field names
  • Concatenate table support: Changing field names
  • Missing documentation items
  • External step failures do not pass on original error message
  • Data source name validation
  • JDM makes unnecessary connection to remote environments




Jet Enterprise 2016 Update 1 introduced a number of important new features and improvements around data warehouse functionality and the deployment and/or execution performance. Below is a collection of features added in this version of the Jet Enterprise along with links to the relevant KB articles.

Feature Description KB Article

Differential Deployment

Differential Deployment adds more automation to the deployment process by deploying parts of your project without deploying everything.

The Deployment and Execution Process

Managed Deployment

Managed Deployment adds more automation to the deployment process by managing dependencies to make sure that objects are deployed in the correct order. The Deployment and Execution Process

Deployment Status Report

Deployment Status Report is an export that contains a list of what needs to be deployed. You can generate the report for projects, data warehouses, business units, and OLAP servers. The Deployment and Execution Process
New Deploy and/or Execute Workflow The deploy and/or execution workflow has been redesigned to accommodate the new deployment features. The Deployment and Execution Process
Data Export Data Export allows the user to push the content of a data warehouse to another database. Supported by SQL Server (including Azure SQL), Oracle, and text files.

Data Export

Dynamic Project Variables

Project variables allow the user to save information in project-wide variables for use in custom transformations, scripts actions, custom views, customized code and selection rules.

Dynamic project variables is a project variable where the value of the variable is generated by a custom script written by the user. 

How to Use Project Variables and Environment Specific Selection Rules

Custom Table Inserts The ability to create Custom Table Inserts has more flexibility compared to the Table Inserts feature already available in the product.

Custom Table Inserts

Guard a Data Source When guarding a table or data source will NOT be deployed and/or executed when the normal deployment and execution of the project is done.

Guarding a Table in the Jet Data Manager

Environment Security Environment Security allows you to limit access to certain functionality to members of specific Active Directory (AD) groups. The Jet Data Manager will also log events in the environment to the Server Log table in the repository.

Environment Security

Improved Data Warehouse Column Permissions Column permissions allow the user to set permissions on specific columns/fields on a table, not just the entire table. Data Warehouse Security JDM 2016 and Newer
Execution Package Improvements Execution packages now have a managed execution section that will decide the order in which objects are executed based on dependencies.  

Creating an Execution Package

Batch Data Cleansing The Jet Data Manager has the ability to split an INSERT statement up in batches during data cleansing. This saves log space on the SQL Server which gives you better performance on large tables with millions of rows. Batch Data Cleansing

Related Tables Included in Dynamic Perspectives

The JDM now takes table relations into consideration when calculating what tables will be included in a dynamic perspective.

Using Project Perspectives in Jet Enterprise

Execution Package Setup is now Logged The new release contains an addition to the execution log. In addition to the execution diagram
and message, you can now view the settings used for the execution.
Execution Logging and Statistics


Jet Data Manager 16.2.3

New Features

  • Support for SQL Server 2016
  • Adding the ability to add Usage Conditions to execution packages for better control over when execution packages run, such as having full load executions only happen in a production environment but not the development environment. ( Creating an Execution Package )
  • Custom password protection has been added for SSIS packages that use SQL Server logins ( Custom Password Protection for SSIS Packages )


Improved Features

  • Improved selection criteria for AX companies that allows new companies to be automatically included when data is pulled ( Add Dynamics AX Adapters )
  • Expanded the functionality and usability of Project Variables allowing developers more flexibility ( How to Use Project Variables and Environment Specific Selection Rules )
  • Improved Project Perspectives by allowing the deployment of a perspective in a remote environment as well as being able to execute perspectives that include cubes. ( Setting Up Multiple Environments: Single Server Configuration )
  • Improved support for subscription licensing by having the JDM automatically contact the activation service when there is less than 30 days left before the expiration date of a license.
  • The performance around the amount of time it takes to open projects has been drastically improved for larger projects with many versions.
  • Significant performance improvements when using conditional lookups on large tables.
  • The maximum size of NAV Option Field lengths has been increased to 4000 characters.
  • Support for additional SQL Server data types such as "time", "datatimeoffset", or "XML".

Minor Fixes / Bug Fixes

  • Wrong Data type in Transformation View in fixed transformations
  • AutoIndex: PK Index on Raw - Issue with BK_Hashkey enabled
  • Better handling of unsupported index types
  • IsDirty not set when editing an Aggregate Table’s DataGridValues
  • Error adding external business unit containing a mapping table
  • External BU: Only possible to drag one table at a time and not the entire tables-node.
  • Edit custom data on empty table
  • Add/Edit Prioritization with External business unit in the project
  • Upgrade project repository with empty backup file location
  • Staging Name not changed when renaming External Table connector
  • Multiple Environments: Crash with unhandled exception on second transfer in same session
  • Markup scripts loads project variables as parameters
  • Not possible to use a View in a Table Insert
  • Unable to extract System Fields from Source
  • Issue with the +1 function on the Add Join dialogue
  • Views missing as parameter in stored procedures
  • Aggregate DataField edit group-by/aggregation type error
  • Deploy table with source based incremental rule with spaces in source name error
  • Incremental load on CRM Online fails if blank space in Data Source name
  • Issue with Incremental load on DWH when blank space in DWH Name
  • Incremental Update of Cubes not working with Distinct Count Measure
  • Perspectives: Wrong execution order
  • Execution Packages: Full load tables not deleted from list if deleted from the project
  • Incr. load on cubes does not update partitions when the fact table has been truncated
  • Fixed DateTable name length errors
  • Date Table Custom Period Column Name error
  • Perspectives: Wrong order and multiple instances of same item
  • Condition on a transformation is not loaded correctly on DWH
  • DistinctCount measure fact tables is processed full every time on incremental loaded cubes


Jet Data Manager 15.12.4 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where users could not open a project when a Custom Condition was being used on a SQL Snippet transformation
  • Fixed issue that would throw an "Error loading project tree" error when a fixed join was being used on a text field with an empty value

Jet Data Manager 15.12.3 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where scheduled executions would fail in some instances with a "Index Out of Range" error.
  • Fixed issue where the AccentGrave and Quote option in ODBC connectors was switched in the code, forcing upgraded projects to fail and preventing new NAV Native connections to be made.

Jet Data Manager 15.12.1 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed linked server issue in External SQL connection
  • Fixed problem with execution packages that use sub packages
  • Resolved problem with Full Load feature in execution package not working with some adapters
  • Resolve Binary incremental problem on GP adapter
  • Resolved problems with project not able to be deployed to SQL 2005

Jet Data Manager 15.11.3 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed problems with custom periods in date table and added Saturday as an option for the start of the week
  • Fixed problem with some varchar and text SQL data types on AX and NAV
  • Resolve issue with some AnySource view schema options missing
  • Fixed issue where Query tables would not apply the schema the first time
  • Resolved issue with usage conditions for data selection rules on adapters
  • Resolved issue where some junk dimension keys could cause project corruption


Jet Data Manager 15.11.1 (Jet Enterprise 2016)

New Features

Improved Features


Overview of New Features and Improvements in Jet Enterprise 2016

Jet Enterprise 2016 introduced a number of important new features and improvements around data warehouse functionality and execution performance. Below is a collection of features added in this version of the Jet Enterprise along with links to the relevant KB articles and videos (when applicable).


Feature Description KB Article Video
Data Warehouse Security Provides administrative control of data warehouse security and automatic creation of roles and secured views from directly within the Jet Data Manager. Data Warehouse Security (JDM 2016 and Newer)
Execution Prioritization Provides execution level control over which objects are processed first, such as copying over all raw data from the data sources before any data cleansing is done to minimize the window of time that the JDM is pulling from a database. How to Use Prioritizations in an Execution Package
Date Table Automation Enhances the existing functionality for generating dynamic date tables by allowing the user to have better control over date formats, names, and using custom periods such as holidays. Using the Date Table
AnySource Adapters Extends integrations into any data source that has an ADO or OLE DB data source provider installed on the machine. This supports connecting to a much wider variety of native and third-party data sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and many other cloud-based platforms. How to Use an AnySource Adapter in the Jet Data Manager
SQL Database Cleanup Wizard Provides an easy way to clean up the staging database and data warehouse by automatically displaying objects in the database that are no longer used in the project and providing an easy interface for removing them. How to Use the SQL Database Cleanup Wizard
Improved Aggregation Tables Enhances the way that aggregation (summary) tables work to provide a better user experience in addition to improved performance and flexibility. How to Use Aggregation (Summary) Tables in Jet Enterprise
Dynamic Project Perspectives Supports the creation of project perspectives that will automatically include all objects needed to execute a particular module. This allows the user to simply select the Sales cube, for example, and have the Jet Data Manager auto-select all dependent objects, therefore making the creation and maintenance of project perspectives much easier. Using Project Perspectives in Jet Enterprise
Full Loading and Excluding Objects from an Execution Package Execution packages now support fully loading a table that is incrementally loaded as well as excluding specific objects from the execution. This greatly enhances the flexibility provided by execution packages in the project. Creating an Execution Package
Limiting Concurrent Transfers from a Data Source Provides an easy way to limit the number of concurrent transfers from a data source if the data source only supports a certain number of connections.  How to Limit Concurrent Transfers on a Data Source No video
Project Variables and Environment Specific Selection Rules An interface has been added that allows variables to be used across multiple objects in a project as well as providing a way to support environment-specific data selection rules such as limiting data used in the development environment to only records for the current year to reduce processing time but automatically loading all data once the project is transferred to the production environment. How to Use Project Variables and Environment Specific Selection Rules No video
Physical Foreign Keys Automatically creates foreign keys in the data warehouse based on relationships that have been defined in the Jet Data Manager. This enables front-end tools such as Jet Essentials and Power BI to automatically detect relationships between tables, therefore making the data modeling process much faster. How to Create Foreign Keys in the Data Warehouse No video
Resuming an Execution Package After Failure Enhances the execution process by allowing a user to restart the execution package where it left off in the event of a failure occurring during the execution process. How to Resume an Execution Package after Failure No video
Partial Deployment in Multiple Environments When using multiple environments (such as development and production) the Jet Data Manager now provides users the ability to only move only necessary objects to the production environment rather than having to move the entire project as was necessary in prior versions. How to Partially Deploy Objects in a Multiple Environment Configuration No video
Allow a Data Source to Fail During Execution Provides users with a way to flag certain data sources as being allowed to fail so that the rest of the execution will continue. This ensures that non-critical data sources (such as an Excel file being moved) will not prevent the entire update process to stop. How to Allow a Data Source to Fail During Execution No video



Jet Data Manager 14.5.13 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue with NAV Adapter synchronization
  • Resolved syntax issue with incremental load on NAV Native with mutiple fields in the selection rule
  • Fixed Change Data Source memory exception
  • Resolved ODBC DataType System.TimeSpam problem
  • Resolved issue with IBM DB2 not able to deploy using SSIS
  • Resolved GP Adapter problem with global databases
  • Fixed AX synchronization error when no enums present in the AX database
  • Resolved FTP Source ExecutionNumber error
  • Fixed OLAP security error of "Object not set to an instance of an object" when deploying to the front database using Offline Cube Processing
  • Resolved issue with OLAP setup missing in connection manager
  • Fixed problem with documentation not working when having external tables on a Business Unit



Jet Data Manager 14.5.9 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Issue with duplicated fields on SQL Server data sources
  • Issue with selection rules on External Tables
  • JDM NAV Adapter (NAV 2013 and newer): Changed max length of Option Values
  • JDM NAV Adapter (NAV 2013 and newer): Issue with Option String values when empty
  • Salesforce Adapter: Fixed issue with reading very large numbers

Jet Data Manager 14.5.8 (Bug fix release)

Resolved Issues

  • Salesforce adapter does not load data into raw table for Picklist and Multiple Picklist tables
  • Wrong dialogue shown on "Edit Stored Procedure" and "Edit User Defined Function"
  • Application crash when upgrading a SQL Snippet with parameters
  • Performance issue when opening execution packages that call other packages
  • Problem in T-SQL Query window when a varbinary field contains NULL

Jet Data Manager 14.5.7 (Jet Enterprise 2014 SR2)

New Features


Jet Data Manager 14.2.6

  • Resolved issue with table not being marked as dirty if the order of the transformations has changed
  • Resolved issue with incremental load using TimeStamp fields on SQL Server data sources
  • Resolved issue with upgrade error on tables classified as Large Dimension or Large Fact Table
  • Resolved issue with SQL 2005 unsupported Declare statement in Stored Procedures
  • Resolved issue with execution order on lookup fields not being calculated
  • Resolved issue where order of transformations on multiple environment deployment can be wrong
  • Resolved issue with OLAP Front Database Name too short

Jet Data Manager 14.2.5 (Jet Enterprise 2014 SR1)

Jet Data Manager 14.0.3 (Jet Enterprise 2014)

New Features

Issues Resolved

  • Partition template with Numeric Range Value does not work
  • Hierarchy Table Id field data type
  • Writeback with Parent Child Dimension
  • Problem with Force Unicode on AX Adapter
  • Associated measure group is not saved or loaded on Business Function measures
  • CRM Adapter connection issues
  • Reapply Calculated Measures and Script Commands cannot apply to front database
  • DWH Aggregations not correct when based on incrementally loaded staging table(s)
  • AX Adapter Additional Adapter problem
  • Add DimensionLevel on ParentChild wrong default values
  • NAV Adapter with Source Based Incremental load fails on SQL 2012
  • Error on Save when removing NAV Native additional adapter
  • Deployment of OLAP user rights is slow
  • Selecting text in the Description dialog can fail
  • German SQL Server and incremental on datetime fields
  • AX Adapter cannot synchronize accounts
  • Associated measure group is overwritten when definition is updated
  • GP adapter can fail on load project
  • Bug in IsTombstone code
  • Source Based Incremental timestamp cannot subtract
  • incremental load does not work on GP adapter using alias
  • GP Adapter fails on data load when company field is forced to be nvarchar
  • Pre/post script problem
  • Bug in Referenced Dimensions
  • Bug in Associated Measure group on Calculated Measures
  • Resolves some issues when importing project
  • Bad message when importing a project as latest version
  • Bug: Missing 'Refresh' when building drag-drop dimension with '2 field key'
  • Missing refresh when changing the Role name for a dimension
  • Problem deleting a full data source



What's New in Jet Enterpris 2014

Jet Enterprise 2014 offers a large number of improvements and new features. The link below contains a document that outlines what these features are and how they are used.

Jet Enterprise 2014 Product Enhancements

This list provides an overview of some of the new features added to Jet Enterprise 2014:



Jet Data Manager 12.9.9

New Features

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue with HalfYear and QuarterName fields in Date table
  • Fixed issue with an error occurring when deleting a field from a view
  • Fixed issue with hierarchy table not being marked for deployment when modified
  • Fixed issue with Value parameters in calculated measures not being saved
  • Fixed issue with display of elapsed time in execution dialog
  • Fixed issue with staggered fiscal year not working on German SQL Server

Jet Data Manager 12.7.0

New Features

  • Support for System.Timespan when using ADO.NET transfer
  • Ability to copy data from fields in the error/warnings tab grid
  • Ability to see more details about a cube by right-clicking on the cube in the Cubes tab
  • Ability to select the start-from step in an execution package
  • Addition of SSIS logging
  • Support for text file data sources with Fixed Width and Ragged Right Formats
  • Ability for the user to specify the SSIS root folder to be used

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved markup script translation for hierarchy levels
  • Resolved issue where the dimension browser would fail with a "Provider cannot be found" message
  • Resolved issue where the application would crash when setting a Data Aggregation to None
  • Resolved issue when deleting an object that is used in a SQL Snippet
  • Resolved error when synchronizing an External Business Unit
  • Resolved issue when using ADO.NET when there was a field with a money/smallmoney data type
  • Resolved issue where Business Function Scripts were not properly deployed
  • Resolved issue where OLAP Security would not be properly updated on SQL 2012
  • Resolved issue with High Availability Cube Processing in a Development Deployment Toolkit environment
  • Resolved issue where NAV Adapter had for NAV 2.60 had problems with non-Western characters
  • Resolved issue with Source Based Incremental Load on NAV Adapter when company name has Unicode characters
  • Resolved issue where features in trial license do not always get loaded on first activation
  • Resolved issue where some tables are unnecessarily marked as dirty
  • Resolved issue where a markup script parameter name cannot be renamed
  • Resolved issue where multiple "Delete Hierarchy" menu items appear in the hierarchy menu
  • Resolved issue where the Multiple Environment window would close unexpectedly if the user tried to create a database that already exists
  • Resolved issue where command timeout on SQL object creation is always 30 seconds
  • Resolved issue where enabling writeback on cube will fail on deployment
  • Resolved issue where DW_ID is not set to the primary key on tables
  • Resolved issue where there would be an error loading a project when using Dimension Level as a parameter in a calculated measure
  • Resolved issue where Single Table Usage is ignored when using source based incremental loading on the NAV Adapter
  • Resolved issue where project could not be opened with message "Error loading Markup Scripts"
  • Resolved issue where cube browser was not using front database when High Availability Cube Processing was enabled
  • Resolved issue where Edit Custom Field was missing in a Time Table
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