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Jet Enterprise Videos

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The Jet Reports products provide you with a wide range of capabilities.  Here, you will find videos to help you gain a familiarity with the features and configuration of Jet Enterprise, OLAP Cubes, and the Jet Data Warehouse.

Table of Contents

Introduction Configuration


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Jet Enterprise Introduction
Jet Enterprise Features  

An overview of Jet...

A more in-depth look...


Dynamics NAV Adapter Setup
Jet Data Manager Download, Deploy,

and Execute
Jet Enterprise

and a Native NAV Server

How to import the Jet...

Installing the Jet Data...

Download, Deploy, and...

Connecting Jet Enterprise...

Connect to Data Warehouse

and Cubes

Scheduling & Automatic

OLAP Server Security Data Warehouse


Connecting to your Jet...

How to setup an Exec...

How to use the JDM to...

Setting up permissions...

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