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Jet Enterprise Videos


Jet Enterprise Features
Jet Enterprise Introduction An overview of Jet Enterprise
Jet Enterprise Features A more in-depth look at the features of Jet Enterprise
Jet Data Manager 2012 What new features were introduced with Jet Data Manager 2012?


Step-by-Step Setup
NAV Adapter Setup How to import the Jet Enterprise NAV Adapter into a NAV database
Jet Data Manager Installing the Jet Data Manager
Download, Deploy, and Execute Download, Deploy, and Execute the Jet Cubes and Data Warehouse
Jet Enterprise and a Native NAV Server Connecting Jet Enterprise to a Native NAV Server
Connect to Data Warehouse and Cubes Connecting to your Jet  Data Warehouse and Cubes from Excel with Jet Essentials
Scheduling & Automatic Execution How to setup an Execution Package so that Jet Enterprise is updated automatically
OLAP Server Security How to use the JDM to deploy OLAP Server user-rights
Data Warehouse Permissions Setting up Permissions to the Data Warehouse

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