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There is already an object <table name> in the database


When Deploying the project you get an error message that contains "There is already an object name 'table name' in the database.

  1. Find the database that contains the table in the error message. In the case above, we were Deploying the Staging database, so you'd want to open the Staging database node of the project.

  2. Right-click on the database, go to Advanced, and select SQL Database Cleanup Wizard.

  3. The SQL Cleanup Wizard will then run. If there are no objects to clean up you will get a message saying there was nothing found.

  4. If the Cleanup Wizard does find objects, a window will open and you will have the option of checking the objects you want to drop. We recommend checking all of the objects and then clicking Drop.

  5. Once you've dropped the objects Deploy and Execute the database.



  6. If you still get this error you may need to recreate the database from scratch. If this is something you need assistance with please submit a support ticket.



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