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What is a Designer? A Viewer? An Excel User?

Designers Viewers Excel Users
Jet Reports Designers are individuals licensed to use Jet Professional to create reports, and/or customize and maintain the warehouse/cubes in the Jet Data Manager for Jet Enterprise. Jet Reports Viewers are individuals licensed to run Jet Professional reports that Designers create, and/or create dashboards and reports from the cubes within Jet Enterprise. All Jet Reports are Excel files, and therefore anyone with Excel can see a report that has been designed to be viewed by them and does not need to have a Jet license to do so.  
Within Jet Professional, Designers have access to the data in the databases (per their individual security set up within that database) in order to design reports in Excel.  Designers ultimately set up the format and filtering on the reports and statements to control what non-designers can see or run. Within Jet Professional, Viewers can refresh reports to draw the current data within their database and can change those filters that Designers set up (limited by the individual's security settings).  Viewers are also able to use the scheduler to automate reports. For these users, reports will be static and will not be able to be refreshed.
Within Jet Enterprise, Designers have access to the Jet Data Manager in order to build and customize the warehouse and cubes, manage synchronization, set up security, and ultimately maintain the business analytic back-end environment. All Viewer capabilities are available with a Designer license. Within Jet Enterprise, Viewers have the ability to build Pivot Tables and create reports, dashboards, and queries from the cubes.  Viewers can use the Enterprise solution to design (within any data they are given access to by the Enterprise administrators/Designers)  
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