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What's New in Jet Enterprise



Overview of the Latest Features and Improvements in Jet Enterprise 

Jet Enterprise 2017 v17.12 introduces a number of important new features and improvements. Below is an introduction to the changes made in this version of Jet Enterprise.


Feature Description More Information
Support for SQL Server 2017

Jet Enterprise v17.12 supports SQL Server 2017.

Data Tagging

Jet Enterprise v17.12 enables you to tag individual fields. These tags can then be used in project perspectives or in a new type of documentation, data impact - allowing you to better categorize your data and comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Tagging
Visualization Possibilities with the Relation Diagram

Jet Enterprise v17.12 includes a new Project Perspectives: The relation diagram. You can view the relation diagram for each table -showing you the tables that have a relation to the table in question.

Project Documentation in the Jet Data Manager
Uniquely Identifying Records with Durable Supernatural Keys

In Jet Enterprise v17.12, we have added the supernatural key as a field you can add to a table - providing a very useful feature for dimensional modeling

Uniquely Identifying Records with Durable Supernatural Keys
Reading SQL Server Synonyms

In SQL Server, synonyms are a simple, but powerful feature.

Jet Enterprise v17.12 includes the optional functionality to read synonyms from the data source.

Customizable and Comprehensive Documentation Jet Enterprise v17.12 includes more options for customization and content for the auto- generated project documentation.  
Flexible Data Selection in Data Warehouse In Jet Enterprise v17.12, data selection rules are defined on the source table level - making them more flexible. Creating a Data Selection Rule
Push Execution to Queue and Skip the Waiting

In version 17.12, Jet Enterprise better integrates the execution queue with the regular deploy/execute flow.

Using the Data Selection Queue


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