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Jet Reports Success Webinar Series

Jet Reports presents an informative webinar series hosted by resident Jet Reports Certified experts and data enthusiasts.

This is your chance to learn valuable time-saving tips and tricks, understand new features and shortcuts, and be the first to see newly-released Jet Reports products.

These educational sessions are designed for customers, partners, and curious minds alike.


August 2017


Jet Web Portal

The Jet Web Portal allows you to access shared reports from virtually any device from a web browser.  Learn how to easily manage and share Jet Reports with all users in your organization – including remote users!

The video includes a demonstration of the Jet Web Portal's Scheduler interface.

July 2017


Dynamic Date Columns

Do you have several versions of the same report because you need to see your data by different date periods or ranges? Find out how to make a single report flexible and display the information you need, any way you need it.

June 2017


Jet Browser

The Jet Browser provides an easy-to-use interface for report designers to create reports. Learn to leverage the power of the Jet Browser to gain insight into your data and build reports quickly by dragging and dropping!

May 2017


Dashboard Builder

Does your team need access to information on the go?

The Jet Enterprise Dashboard Builder enables licensed designers to create custom dashboards and publish them to the Jet Web Portal so everyone can stay informed and connected on-the-go.

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