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Jet Global Success Webinar Series

Jet Global presents an informative webinar series hosted by resident Jet Global Certified experts and data enthusiasts.

This is your chance to learn valuable time-saving tips and tricks, understand new features and shortcuts, and be the first to see newly-released Jet Reports products.

These educational sessions are designed for customers, partners, and curious minds alike.


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October 2018


What is BI, really, and How Does it Relate to Jet Analytics?

Business intelligence is all about getting the right data to the right people in order to help make better business decisions.  From a technical solutions perspective, this practice is divided into two distinct parts: the back-end of data organization and preparation, and a front-end of data visualization and reporting.

Here, we dive into how the Jet Analytics data warehouse automation platform, the Jet Data Manager, and the Jet Excel add-In within Jet Reports work together to provide a unified and easy-to-use complete BI solution.

September 2018


Jet Budgets

In October, Jet Reports will release a new solution to help you control and streamline your budgeting process.

Here is an exclusive customer preview of this new Jet product that allows you to create budgets, automate workflows, eliminate budgeting errors, manage processes, report on actuals-to-plan within the Jet Reports solutions you already know.

Collaborate budgeting across all your departments throughout the entire budgeting life-cycle – all from within the Jet Web Portal.

August 2018


Report Writing - Where to Start?

Have you ever opened a blank Excel workbook to create a new report and asked yourself, “Where do I start?”

Never again!  Set yourself up for success by following our tried, true and tested report writing procedure, which we will walk through step-by-step in this presentation.  We will show you how to save time and reduce the effort it takes to get the data you need by being more prepared and organized in creating your next Jet Report.

July 2018


New Features in the Jet Web Portal

Can you believe that the Jet Web Portal was released two years ago? 

We’ve made numerous improvements since the initial release, thanks to feedback and suggestions from our customers and partners.

Join us to learn about all of the features and functions of the Jet Web Portal and how it can serve as a powerful tool for accessing and sharing throughout your organization!

June 2018


What's New in 2018 R2

The newest version of Jet Reports has been released.

Learn about the newest features in this latest release.

May 2018


Summary List or
Detail List???

Ever wonder whether you need to create a Summary List or a Detail List when designing a Jet Report?  Or better yet, ever wonder what Summary or Detail Lists actually are?

Building dynamic reports is one of the most powerful features of Jet Reports.  Learn the differences between Summary and Detail Lists, the criteria and decision process to determine which type you need for your report, and how to use the NL and NF functions to create them.

April 2018


The Power of Pivot Tables

PivotTables are powerful tools to help you organize and summarize data from Excel or other data sources in meaningful ways.  Jet Reports makes creating and using PivotTables simple!  Learn how easy it is to make an interactive PivotTable report with slicers, filters and visualizations, all from starting from Jet.

March 2018


Power BI

On its own, Microsoft Power BI allows you to visualize data across your enterprise for rapid analysis. When combined with Jet Enterprise, Power BI becomes even more powerful.

Jet Reports has a library of Power BI report templates that will have you creating visually stunning dashboards in a snap; learn how to create a new dashboard from scratch that will wow your audience!

February 2018


How do I get help when I have a Jet question?

Even the most experienced Jet users sometimes need help. When you have questions, do you know where to start? In this installment of the Jet Reports webinar series, we take a tour of the resources available to you... from access to our self-service knowledge base to signing up for ongoing education and training

Submit an idea:                    Support site/knowledge base/community site:

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January 2018


Leveraging Excel functions in Jet Reports

Explore how to use Excel's functions to add power to your Jet reports.

Play along!  Here's the Excel file used in the video.

December 2017


Modifying Pre-built Reports

Jet Reports pre-built reports are great, but what if a field you need is missing? What if you want to add a run-time filter?

We demonstrate some simple techniques used to modify pre-built reports to customize them for your needs.

November 2017


New Features in Jet Reports 2018


It’s that time of year again where the newest version of Jet Reports is released.

Learn about the newest features in the latest release.

October 2017


Working with Pre-built Reports

Jet Reports is a tool built for instant success.  Jet Reports has created over 50 pre-built reports for you - ranging from financials to sales to inventory type reports.

Learn where to find these reports, how to get them, and what you need to know to get started using them.

September 2017


Report Distribution for Viewers

Do you need to to distribute your reports to those, inside and/or outside your organization, who are not Jet report designers?

We look at how to design and package your reports to make them easy to use for your non-designer audiences.

August 2017


Jet Web Portal

The Jet Web Portal allows you to access shared reports from virtually any device from a web browser.  Learn how to easily manage and share Jet Reports with all users in your organization – including remote users!

The video includes a demonstration of the Jet Web Portal's Scheduler interface.

July 2017


Dynamic Date Columns

Do you have several versions of the same report because you need to see your data by different date periods or ranges? Find out how to make a single report flexible and display the information you need, any way you need it.

June 2017


Jet Browser

The Jet Browser provides an easy-to-use interface for report designers to create reports. Learn to leverage the power of the Jet Browser to gain insight into your data and build reports quickly by dragging and dropping!

May 2017


Dashboard Builder

Does your team need access to information on the go?

The Jet Enterprise Dashboard Builder enables licensed designers to create custom dashboards and publish them to the Jet Web Portal so everyone can stay informed and connected on-the-go.

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