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What's New in Jet Professional 2017 R3 - beta

Jet Professional 2017R3 includes several new and improved features!


Upload Reports from within the Jet Web Portal 

The Jet Web Portal now includes the ability to upload multiple reports at one time.  It is no longer necessary to open each report in the Jet Excel add-in, put it in Design mode, and then Publish the report.

Directly Link to Jet Enterprise Dashboards

Jet Web Portal users can now define links directly to their Jet Enterprise Dashboards (and even individual visuals within Dashboards)

Publish Reports to Web Portal Folders

When publishing reports from within the Jet Excel add-in, you can now specify the web portal folder in which the report will be placed.

Record Keys now available when reporting from a Jet Enterprise Data Warehouse When reporting in the Jet Excel add-in from a Jet Enterprise Data Warehouse, it is no longer necessary to create a "Field Cache" (listing every field in your NL function that you will want to use with an NF function).  A simple NL function can now be used and the NF function can reference the results.
Error Logging in the Jet Web Portal The Jet Web Portal now creates a special error log for reports that experience an issue and are not able to run.  This can help users troubleshoot the issue and the file can be downloaded and sent to Jet Reports Technical Support.
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