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What's New in Jet Professional 2018 Beta



Jet Professional 2018 Beta

includes several new and improved features!

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Fast Financials

The Fast Financials feature for Dynamics NAV provides a fast and easy way to create financial reports.

Updated Jet Ribbon in Excel

The Jet ribbon within Excel has a new, contemporary look. Outdated features have been removed, new features added, and other items have been updated to make them easier to find and use.

Updated Windows

Windows within the Jet Excel add-in have been given a consistent and more contemporary look.

Enhanced Control of the Jet Ribbon

The Jet Application Settings give you more control over the Jet Ribbon than ever before. Do you only use the GL function? Make it the only button available in the Jet Function Wizard (Jfx). Want to see all the Jfx buttons on the ribbon? Select the new Expanded Menu option.

Make the ribbon look just the way you need for the way you build and view your reports.

Domain Change for NAV Logins

Those Dynamics NAV users whose data resides outside their standard Windows domain can now specify the necessary domain as part of the username in their data source settings.

Help Menu Updated

The Jet Help Menu has been simplified to correspond to the consolidation of the Jet Reports Support, Help, Knowledgebase, and Community web sites. All of these can be accessed through the single Help Center option.

Specifying Domain Name during Login

In the Jet Web Portal, you can change the domain name associated with your login by entering a different name using either down-level (also known as server/username) format or UPN (also know as email) format.

Context Sensitive (right-click) Menus

The Jet Web Portal now features right-click menus that reflect the same options available on the action panel.

Easier Scheduling

In the Jet Web Portal, scheduled tasks can be created directly form the Reports List by selecting the desired report(s), and then either selecting Schedule from the action pane or right-clicking and selecting Schedule from the context menu.

Options for Opening Reports

To help everyone understand how to open reports in the Jet Web Portal, once you select one or more reports and click Open you will be prompted to decide if you want to open the reports with Excel Online or want to download the report and open it with an installed version of Excel.

Timeout Feature

When the Jet Web Portal has been left inactive for 20 minutes, a 60-second reminder will be displayed asking if you wish to stay logged in.  If no response is received, you will be logged out.  When you log back in, you will be taken directly to the screen you were on when your session timed out.

Support for More Jet Features

In Jet 2018, the Jet Web Portal supports Dashboard mode as well as the NL(Picture) and NP(Slicer) functions.

Support for More Excel Functions In Jet 2018, the Jet Web Portal supports additional Excel functions: 


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